Tobias Weichart

Senior Software Engineer

About Me

Age: 0 (ish)
Hey pals, my name is Tobias Weichart, or Toby for short and I'm a programming enthusiast always on the look out for cool technologies. Describing myself is somewhat a harder job than I thought, so maybe my wife should do it, as she's quite successful with advertising me when I'm around. Maybe it's the perspective... Well, let's try that...
Toby is working in IT for quite some time now (started in ~2010, professionally) though he's always been surrounded by IT stuff from his early childhood on. Being fascinated with the internals and the magic that made computers do what they do he's always tried to understand the principle behind the things, still leaving him most of the time clueless about why it's working the way it does. Enter the internetz. This funny invention gave his thirst for knowledge the much needed saturation, explaining most of the things tiny Toby never could've made sense of by himself!
Few years in the future, Toby is now a coding guy, loving to solve the mysteries of bits and bytes, always looking for new technologies or other neat things that he can dig into or read more about. Most of the time he's working with PHP, JavaScript and CSS these days and frameworks are a little hobby of his, although there's not always the need for them (quote: "Why isn't there an ES6 framework out now!?"). He's also very handsome and people tensely like to listen to his eloquent statements being fascinated about his intelligent yet humble personality with a hint of...
Ok, let's cut it here, wrong direction... Whoever feels the need to see what I am all about can contact me via one of the buttons below or just send me an e-mail at the bottom of the page. Looking forward to hear from you!



I love planning and also talking about it, so before each project I like to work on a good base to build the product on. Still all within reason, as it's also useful to make some mistakes along the way, learn by them and don't make them the next time.


The heart of each good project. Finding the balance between stable environments and the most recent technologies is hard but exciting, as developing with speed is good but learning new things is always a better motivation.

Quality Management

Checking the results on a regular basis isn't always boring, a stable and easy maintainable product brings way more joy to your every day life than you might think! All of this done by a fully automated environment and you're good to go.


Senior Software Engineer @ EssentialSkillz
(December 2019 - present)
A new start into the world of E-Learning, mostly based on PHP/VueJS and AWS!
Senior Application Developer @ Supply Chain Formulae
(July 2019 - November 2019)
Mostly working with PHP and AWS, my skill set could be extended with a deeper dive into the Symfony framework. I've contributed to the modernisation, restructuring and reworking of the applications but could also assist in changing internal workflows, so that a modern style of software developing could be achieved.
Team Leader Frontend Technologies @ InterNetX GmbH
Head of new Frontend Projects (March 2018 - July 2019)
By the experience gained in the last years with modern web technologies I was assigned to lead the development of the redesign of one of the biggest platforms the company has. Still being responsible for the projects I've successfully supervised before, the complete rewrite of a stable yet aged frontend was started. Using the modern technologies stack I became familiar with over the last years (Laravel + Vue.js, Docker + Kubernetes) this challenging new project was started and is progressing rapidly towards a new experience for all - developer just like end user.
Senior Software Engineer @ InterNetX GmbH
Lead Frontend Dev 'Cloud & Automation' (Oct. 2015 - March 2018)
Based on the latest web technologies (e.g. Laravel, Vue.js) my focus was set on a stable yet fully automated environment (Docker/Kubernetes + GitLab) with a good basis for everybody on the team to work with. New technologies are always welcome as long as everybody can learn them fast enough to get a real benefit out of it in a short time. Apart from the frontend I've also created multiple APIs (NodeJS) for various projects that don't fit the normal scheme.
Senior Web Developer @ HalloWelt! GmbH
Project Development, QA & Testing, Realease Management (Jul. 2013 - Sept. 2015)
The team developed a framework tailored to the needs of business customers based on the famous MediaWiki software. One part of the job was working closely with the customers to define and then implement their special needs for the software. The other part was the development of the core framework always looking out for stability and good usability. Planning and maintaining the releases was also my responsibility.
Apprenticeship @ HalloWelt! GmbH
Project Development (Aug. 2010 - Jul. 2013)
I've started to learn all about the handicraft of software development here. Having a good basis is always important, so I've learned the most important things for a good and long lasting project. Having all of the IT before me (from soft- to hardware to networking) I could get a nice overview of the world of IT, always finding new ways to learn and to build up the knowledge I now have.
Husband @ Family Weichart
Team Lead (May 2009 - present)
As the current Team Lead in this arrangement I'm always looking out for all the members of the project (three, cat included) to be happy. This project taught me many things about teamwork based on the ability of openly communicating all the things that are going on. New technologies (e.g. bringFlowers.js, YouKnowWhereToFindItOnYourOwn-OS) are always welcome and I've learned to adapt to them quite fast.